12-Year Old Creates Time Capsule That Finds Its Way Back To Him 67 Years Later

A contractor makes a shocking discovery when he finds a child’s treasure from 67 years ago.

Mark Knecht was renovating a home’s basement when he noticed what looked to be a mason jar. In actuality, it was a time capsule that had been hidden away for decades. He knew it had sentimental value for someone and started a search for the long lost owner.


At the time he created the time mason jar of memories, Bill Gilbert was only 12-years-old. The year was 1944. The young boy and his family had moved to a new home in Pueblo, Colorado. He chose to hide mis jar away down in the basement cabinets. Bill had no idea it would be returned to him 67 years later.


Sealed inside was a note about the boy’s family, pictures, and his precious stamp collection dating back to 1891.

Mark was determined to return the treasures to their rightful owner. After some quick research, he was able to locate Bill living in Seattle, Washington. The now 79-year-old man was speechless when he heard his memories had been preserved after all these years.


The contractor insisted on delivering the items in person. Coincidentally they lived around 10 minutes away from each other. After 67 years, Bill held his precious stamp collection and family memories once again.

“It’s all beginning to come back together,” the old man said.

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