8 Year Old Autistic Boy Pulls Off a Dance Routine Michael Jackson would be Proud Of

Sometimes, you just have to “bust a move.” This small boy shows us all that concept when he decided to dance to Michael Jackson outside of a shop in St. Ives, Cornwall, while on vacation with his family.

There was a competition for the boardwalk webcam, and William was begging his parents to let him enter. Gemma and her husband got married there, so it has a very special place in their family history.

His mom was playing “Thriller” from her phone, and William decided to dance it out. He taught himself all of the Michael Jackson moves, and has never had a dance lesson in his entire life. The best part of the story is that it was all caught on tape – on a camera by one of store cameras as well as the boardwalk webcam.

At age 5, William was diagnosed with autism after having consistent struggles with communication and people skills. But through dancing, he has found a way to identify himself and give him a way to express himself. His parents tried to take him to a dance lesson once, but he was unable to continue because there were too many people. William constantly watches dancing videos and teaches himself the moves, all on his own. People are constantly impressed with William’s self-taught ability to dance.

Since two years ago, when Gemma and her husband David, introduced William to Michael Jackson and Thriller, it has been a big hit. They even took William to see Thriller live earlier this year. The audience even clapped as William danced along to the show.

William even won the boardwalk webcam contest! He got a basket full of goodies which included a gift certificate for toys and his family was invited to come back next February for a free vacation at this seaside town.

Way to go, William!

Photo: SWNS