Meet This 105-Year-Old Mama Who Still Teaches Daily Yoga Class

No matter a person’s age, holding and balancing through intense stretches and challenging poses can be difficult. It’s a well-known assumption that exercise only becomes harder as time goes on. But not for one senior citizen.


As one of the most active seniors her age, Lil Hansen is setting the bar pretty high. The 105-year-old not only practices yoga, she still teaches her daily class! She has managed to generate quite a buzz on the internet, and rightfully so.


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Born in 1911, the elderly woman doesn’t see an end in sight, teaching the healing, meditative ideology is her passion in life. Lil teaches a variety of different classes, most of them containing people young enough to be her grandchildren!

“I don’t feel any different, I’m just a little  more careful then I was years ago, but I don’t feel old,” she said.


The yoga instructor lives a simple life outside the studio and still resides in the same house she grew up in. As president of her bridge team and upstanding member of the community, the woman keeps her schedule pretty booked.

How has she made it to 105-years-old? The yogi focuses on what’s ahead of her.

“I don’t think about it,” Lil said. “I just keep going.”

Source: ABC News