10-Year-Old with Disability Finally Adopted-The Touching Moment Her Classmates Skip School to Support Her

One little girl’s wildest dreams were about to come true. Little did she know her entire class would be there to support her.

Anne Novotny, a former social worker, was upset by the conditions she would regularly see when investigating local foster homes. After a divorce, Anne was able to fully invest herself and her time where she felt it was most needed. She became a foster mom.

“I was going into foster homes. It made me a little sad, so I thought, all right, put your money where your mouth is… I never had any clue it would morph into this,” Anne said.


Abby suffered from a cognitive disability. However, Anne wasn’t phased by her child’s challenges. She would care for her no matter what. After Anne had already taken in eight different children, she developed a unique bond with Abby. The two knew they were meant for each other almost immediately.

The family fought and fought to be together through eight denied petitions to adopt Abby. Finally, the judge saw their determination and approved the 9th one.

The moment the two officially become family

The soon-to-be mother daughter pair skipped the first day of school to go to the courthouse and make it official.

“I get choked up even now. It never, ever is the same. It’s always amazing and exciting. Honestly, I put it on the same level as giving birth to your child,” said Anne.


Once Abby and Anne arrived at the courthouse, they were shocked at what they found. Abby’s entire class had come there to support the two. The St. Coletta Day School Administrator Bill Koehn had planned the trip himself.

“Abby was so excited that her classmates were here. That was just amazing for her,” Anne explained.

Watch the inspirational footage below. Watch out…the tears will come.

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