10 Adorable Animals That Mate For Life And Could Show Humans A Thing Or Two About Love

These wild, snuggly, and furry lovebirds are living till death do them part. Taking their monogamous vows pretty seriously, these animals are setting the example and showing humans a thing or two about devotion.

1. Beavers


Only a day after being born, these furry creatures have already mastered the art of swimming. Then, the beavers really get busy. Two years of housebuilding, hunting, and living life outside the colony later, the three-year-olds are finally ready to pick a partner … for life!

2. Wolves


Wolves make sure to pay close attention when picking a partner. The males will become ‘lone wolves’ if their mates happen to die. Interestingly enough, the females don’t remain single the rest of their lives.

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